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Plastic Armoury started in 2011 after a conversation with an Army buddy who runs a company called Taidi Toys. Taidi has been supplying toy guns to cosplay enthusiasts since 2008. These toy guns were just props back then, well before Gel Blasters came on the scene.

Plastic Armoury took on the role of one of the distributors for Taidi toys and the journey began. From this beginning, the products were getting better and then the FIRST Gel Ball Blasters came onto the scene in 2016.

Just before the Brisbane Supanova, back in 2016, we received our first shipment of Gel Blasters. The quality back then was primitive as a new product, being mainly hopper-fed. Our next shipment was seized by Customs and the lengthy court battle began.

14 months later, After being classed as Toys our container was released. From that decision by the courts Some excellent businesses have joined the industry since promoting the sport and helping to build it. Of course, there have been a few who have just popped up for a quick buck and flooded the market with cheap products.

It has been a long road back to where we are now, having to sell old stock in a market of new sellers. We are now back to full strength and are building the brand again with pop up stalls at markets, a new website, and the ability to now accept all cards.

Again, Plastic Armoury has been around FROM THE BEGINNING OF GEL BLASTERS in Australia, and intend to be there for our customers with excellent service and products. Plastic Armoury is also lobbying government for the legalisation of AIRSOFT and hope one day to be the first to bring them into the country. As you can see, Plastic Armoury has endured the hard times and stayed the course.

We are an ABN business that pays its correct taxes and has applied for all the correct permits, allowing you to know you have bought from a reputable business.

Having served myself in the Australian Army I have an extensive knowledge of military equipment. I am determined to supply you with the highest quality Gel Blaster products available while continuing to search out new blasters.

The products found on this site are of the highest quality. showcasing a great attention to detail, size, and proportions as close to the real thing as possible. We offer a wide range of toy guns and accessories including rifles, pistols, SMG, stocks, sights, scopes, and more.

Please browse the store and feel free to contact me for any questions that you may have about our products or shipping options.

– Ian Hiscock